sexual education for youth

Teen sex education is a complete sex education guide that strives to answer all your questions about the experiences all teens face in life, but are too afraid to ask.
Sex education for the real world

Did You Know That...Scarleteen provided sex education and information for around four million young adults, parents and mentors just in 2005 alone?

Teen pregnancy prevention

The goal of the National Campaign is to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy by one-third between 2006 and 2015.

R U thinking about it?
Questions about sex

Great website, all kinds of questions answered and a free hotline if you live in the UK

The Dutch model
The Dutch model of sex education

With the highest use of contraception among young people worldwide, the Netherlands has attracted international attention

It's teens
Online teen magazine

Magazine for advice, poems, e-pals and more

Wikipedia's article on sexeducation